Vivian Medina, DDS

Dr. Vivian Medina is a graduate of Creighton University. After working as an associate for several years, she opened a private practice in 1993.

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No "Glee" in Tooth Grinding
... Sometimes, mouth pain, soreness and visible damage alert individuals to their grinding habits; other times, a dental professional will notice the evidence of bruxism during an exam or cleaning: tooth sensitivity and telltale wear and tear on the chewing surfaces...

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening
...And while whitening is relatively safe (as long as you’re using your kit as directed), you may experience tooth sensitivity, gum irritation or other minor oral side effects...

3 Ways to Stop or Reduce Painful Tooth Sensitivity
Tooth sensitivity can be disheartening: you’re always on your guard with what you eat or drink, and perhaps you’ve even given up on favorite foods or beverages...

The 3 Top Causes for Tooth Sensitivity
... There are a number of causes for tooth sensitivity, any of which can influence how we treat it...

No- or Minimal-Prep Veneers Reduce Permanent Alterations to Your Teeth
... Because there's little invasiveness, these low preparation veneers won't typically create tooth sensitivity and they can often be applied without any form of anesthesia...

The Details About Your Tooth Sensitivity Pain can tell you a Lot About the Cause
Tooth sensitivity can be quite uncomfortable...

Your 'Toothache' Might not be Caused by a Tooth
...Most of the time, yes: the pain comes from a decayed or fractured tooth, or possibly a gum infection causing tooth sensitivity...

Don't Put Off Getting Treatment for Your Sensitive Teeth
... This could be tooth sensitivity, a painful reaction to hot or cold foods...

Teeth Whitening: Know Your Options
... While there are normally no serious side effects after professional whitening treatments, there is a potential risk of tooth sensitivity and gum irritation...

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